mercoledì 6 aprile 2016

Realms of Remnant - progetto artbook

Come per tutti i progetti creativi non-ufficiali ma degni di menzione, segnaliamo l'iniziativa del gruppo Realms of Remnant per creare un nuovo artbook in omaggio alla serie dal titolo...

"Hello, FNDM! We’re proud to announce our Tribute Artbook will be set in motion, we’re here to update you on a fully detailed explanation as to how our book works and what it’ll include. If you have any concerns, questions or complaints then feel free to message, send an ask or email us at!
All artists and writers will be chosen based off their quality of work - we will ask artists and writers if they’d like to contribute their time and OCs to the book. Otherwise most artists and writers are free to submit an application to be reviewed and chosen, everyone has a fair chance to be in the book!"


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